What’s “Black Garlic”

What’s “Black Garlic”

Garlic has long been known as a health food.
But because of its strong smell, people tend to stay away from it.
We have dreamed to make it easy to consume for everyone.
Through eight years of trial and error, the Fermented Black Garlic was born.

What’s “Black Garlic”
  • 01

    It is sweet like dried fruit,
    unlike raw garlic.

  • 02
    Reduced smell

    The smell and stimulation to the
    stomach is less than raw garlic,
    so you can eat it every day.

  • 03
    More nutritious

    It contains more than five times of
    polyphenol and plenty of S-Ally-
    L-Cysteine and amino acids compared
    to regular raw garlic.


Our policy

Search for taste and quality


① No additives


We do not use any additives, preservatives, or water, because self-fermentation maximizes the health benefits of garlic.
Skilled experts carefully check the condition of the garlic and control the temperature. We have confidence in our products.


② Fermentation with Uji tea


Spreading Uji tea on the bottom of the fermentation case makes the black garlic delicious.


③ Additional Ripening


After the 30 days fermentation, it is ripened under room temperature. As it ripens slowly, it becomes richer in taste.

Many types

  • Cloves

    This is the most popular type because of its ease to eat. We only pack the ones that are nice in shape and easy to eat.

  • Bulbs

    We provide the nicely shaped bulbs in three sizes, S, M and L.

  • Peeled Cloves

    This is also popular as you can just eat them without peeling.

  • Paste

    It can be sold as is or processed into food products.

  • Powder

    This is often used for making supplements, drinks, and sauces.

  • Please feel free to contact us.

Product Examples

  • パック入り

    Plastic Pack

    Capacity: 50g/100g/200g
    Garlic Type:Cloves, Pealed cloves,
    Bulbs(for 200g pack only)

  • 袋入り

    Paper Bag

    Garlic Type: Cloves, Pealed cloves

  • 黒にんにくと味噌

    Black Garlic Miso

    Paste of Miso with Black Garlic(180g).
    It goes well with vegetable sticks and rice.

  • 黒にんにくカレー

    Black Garlic Curry

    Retort curry with black garlic cloves.
    The combination of the spiciness of curry and the richness of black garlic is perfect.

  • 黒にんにくゼリー

    Black Garlic Jelly

    Stick-shaped grape flavored jelly with
    black garlic. It contains plenty
    of vitamin B. 15 sticks/ box

  • 黒にんにくドリンク

    The Power of

    Supplement drink of Black Garlic and some other fermented foods,
    such as black onion and black vineger. 50ml*6 bottles

  • 黒にんにくサプリメント

    Black Garlic

    Supplement tablet with Black
    Garlic, and 150 kinds of plant
    fermented extracts. 220mg* 155 tablets/ bag.